(1) Embedded Systems (microcontrollers, embedded C, etc.)

1.1) Flight control and HW design of a quadcopter

This is the open source, both as HW and SW, of a quadcopter called MarqDrone. HW includes flight controller, remote controller, and ESC controller. SW includes Kinetis studio files. It has a web browser GUI based debugging tool. Most of the work done by Nate Zimmerman as part of his MSc thesis.
-- The entire design (design files, source code, description, etc.) is available here: https://github.com/NateZimmer/MarqDrone
-- A short video showing the MarqDrone in action is available here: https://youtu.be/dU9GXBNJbSU 

1.2) Collection of labs and additional examples from my class on Embedded Systems (COEN-4720)
Each of the labs has at least one complete example built around the LandTiger 2.0 board (NXP's LPC1768 MCU, Cortex M3 based). Examples include:
-- Wii NunChuck, LCD display, Direct memory access (DMA)
-- WiFi, BlueTooth
-- USB, Ethernet, CMOS Camera, Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 control
See the class website for more and for complete source code: http://www.dejazzer.com/coen4720/index.html

(2) FPGAs (VHDL, Verilog)

2.1) Face detection on FPGA
: OV7670 CMOS camera + DE2-115 FPGA board
This is a complete implementation in VHDL of the popular Viola Jones face detection algorithm. It was validated on the DE2-115 FPGA board using Altera's Quartus 2 15.1 tools. The entire project was developed by a senior design project team formed by Peter Irgens, Curtis Bader, Theresa Le, and Devansh Saxena. The implementation operates at about 4 fps.
-- The readme file of the project: README.txt
-- Complete design files (archived Quartus 2 project directory) are available here: faceDetectSystem_2p3_320x240.zip
-- Additional documentation: E50FinalReport.pdf
-- A short video demonstration: https://youtu.be/aj4FEovXVXM

2.2) Edge detection in video mode: OV7670 CMOS camera + DE2-115 FPGA board
This is a working edge detection (Sobel operator) design, which was validated on the DE2-115 FPGA board. The projects uses a simple OV7670 CMOS camera and is a modified version of the digital camera project described later on this webpage. Video is displayed on an VGA monitor, 320x240 pixels.
-- Complete design files (archived Quartus 2 project folder) are available here: http://www.dejazzer.com/eigenpi/digital_camera/digital_camera.html
-- A short video demonstration: https://youtu.be/-8Tj1P1tIwY

2.3) Digital camera: OV7670 CMOS camera + DE2-115 FPGA board
This is a simple digital camera system in order to illustrate some of the main concepts related to digital design with VHDL and FPGAs, image and video formats, CMOS cameras, basic image processing algorithms (black and white filters, edge detection, etc.).
-- Detailed description of several versions of this design and complete VHDL source code are available here: http://www.dejazzer.com/eigenpi/digital_camera/digital_camera.html
-- A short video demonstration: https://youtu.be/MLlvebcH-Jw

2.4) Collection of various VHDL projects from my class on VHDL and FPGAs (EECE-4740)
These are complete VHDL descriptions validated on various FPGA boards. Examples include:
-- Mano's single-cycle computer (SCC)
-- Cool digital clock
-- Several HPS+FPGA systems implemented on DE1-SoC board
See the class website for more and for complete VHDL source code: http://www.dejazzer.com/eece4740/index.html

(3) Arduino

3.1) WiFi Control of 8x8 LED Matrix: Arduino + ESP-01 + Android app

This design uses an ESP8266 WiFi module connected to the Arduino board to control an 8x8 LED matrix. The controlling commands are sent from an Android app running on an Android device.
-- Detailed description and complete source code (both Arduino and Android) are available here: http://www.dejazzer.com/eece4920/index.html

3.2) Bluetooth data acquisition system using DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor
This is a simple data acquisition system using a DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor and an Arduino Uno board connected to a host PC. It uses the HC-06 bluetooth module. It is one of the main projects done in the Engineering Discovery 1, EECE module.
-- Detailed description and complete Arduino source code are available here: http://dejazzer.com/geen1200/index.html

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